March 2020 — Features, Musings & More

Adam Lubitow –
Movies under quarantine – 3/18/20
How to support the silver screens that have gone dark – 3/25/20

Jared Mobarak –
Posterized March 2020: First Cow, Mulan, Swallow, and More – 3/6/20

Matthew Passantino –
Awards Profile 2020: Tom McCarthy’s ‘Stillwater’ from Focus Features – 3/20/20

Christopher Schobert –
12 ways to keep kids from going crazy (and stay safe) while schools are closed – 3/16/20
Chalk, virtual coloring books and Google Earth: Unique ways to have fun with the kids – 3/25/20
Sarah Greber’s favorite home-baked chocolate treats – 3/27/20
From ‘Onward’ to ‘Downhill’: New movies you can watch at home now – 3/30/20

Jeff Simon –
Worthwhile things to read when you’re sick of binge-watching – 3/25/20

Jordan M. Smith –
Monday Memo: Entire Cahiers du Cinéma Staff Quits, Berlinale Award Winners, Funding Opportunities & Professional Development Events Coming Up – 3/2/20
Monday Memo: COVID-19 Has Changed Everything, But There’s Still Plenty of Films in Development – 3/16/20
Monday Memo: Responding to COVID-19 with Resource Guides, CPH:DOX Goes Online, and Cannes & Docaviv Postponed – 3/23/20
Monday Memo: Industry Responds to COVID-19, Mailchimp & Oscilloscope Present SXSW 2020 Shorts Online – 3/30/20

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