November 2019 — Features, Musings & More

Adam Lubitow –
FILM | ‘Filmi Worlds’ – 11/20/19
Mistletoe and Holly(wood) – 11/20/19

Jared Mobarak –
Posterized November 2019: ‘Waves,’ ‘Knives Out,’ ‘Marriage Story,’ and More – 11/1/19

Jeff Simon –
What you should know about the original ‘Nightmare Alley’ – 11/6/19
Books on Nichols, Stritch will make theater geeks delirious with joy – 11/8/19
Jazz doesn’t merely live on records, it triumphs – 11/15/19
Music and books: A steady stream of great stuff next to river of holiday commerce – 11/27/19

Jordan M. Smith –
Monday Memo: DOC NYC Opens Wednesday, special flash sale on select screenings; and more! – 11/4/19
Monday Memo: DOC NYC Continues, Cinema Eye Unveiled 2020 Feature Nominees, Firelight Media Documentary Lab Fellows Announced & More! – 11/11/19
Monday Memo: 2019 DOC NYC Award Winners, Grierson Award Winners, Oscar Race Submissions and More! – 11/18/19
Monday Memo: The Paramount Decree of 1948 Reversed, the Arrival of the Streaming Era, an Award Season Update & Much More! – 11/25/19

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