September 2019 — Features, Musings & More

Adam Lubitow –
Peter Bagrov named new curator at Eastman Moving Image Department – 9/10/19
Film preview: ‘Projecting Our Voices’ – 9/17/19

Jared Mobarak –
Posterized September 2019: ‘Ad Astra,’ ‘IT Chapter Two,’ ‘The Death of Dick Long,’ and More – 9/4/19

Jeff Simon –
A new guide on how to love classical music – 9/6/19
New readers for a great critic, new listeners for a singer-songwriter – 9/13/19
The Times reporters who dynamited the #MeToo floodgates – 9/14/19
Is country music better than ‘Country Music?’ – 9/17/19
An imperfect, but invaluable biography of literary titan Susan Sontag – 9/25/19

Jordan M. Smith –
Monday Memo: Doc Box Office Is Art House Lifeline, Telluride Lineup, Filmmaker Mag’s 25 New Faces + – 9/2/19
Monday Memo: Robert Frank & Daniel Johnston Die, Creative Arts Emmy Award Winners, and Reports from TIFF & Camden – 9/16/19
Monday Memo: 2019 Grierson Awards Nominees, Wiseman to be Honored at 2019 Critics’ Choice & Kent Jones to Exit NYFF – 9/23/19
Monday Memo: Lisa Valencia-Svensson on Diversity & Representation in Docs, 35 Years of IDA Documentary Awards, DOC NYC Short Lists & More! – 9/30/19

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