July 2019 — Features, Musings & More

Jared Mobarak –
Posterized July 2019: ‘Once Upon a Time In… Hollywood,’ ‘Midsommar,’ ‘The Farewell,’ and More – 7/5/19

Matt Marshall –
Box Office: ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ ‘Toy Story 4’ Hold Off ‘Crawl’ and ‘Stuber’ – 7/15/19

Matthew Passantino –
Top 5 Movies of 2019, So Far Movie Review – 7/1/19
Top 10: Underrated Performances from 1999 – 7/14/19

Christopher Schobert –
Recommended New Books on Filmmaking: Making ‘Alien,’ Chantal Akerman, Analyzing ‘Peterloo’ & More – 7/10/19

Jeff Simon –
Ideal books for summer’s short bursts of attention – 7/2/19
Tanks, flyovers and a big, fat, inadvertent laugh – 7/5/19
‘Mad’ was satire you could bring home to show mom – 7/11/19
If your TV isn’t fired up on Sunday nights, when is it? – 7/12/19
Chappaquiddick- The 50th anniversary that’s painful to remember – 7/19/19

Jordan M. Smith –
Monday Memo: Threats to Press Freedom, Exhibitors Speak Out & John Cooper Announces Departure From Sundance – 7/01/19
Monday Memo: New Academy Members, Doclisboa Co-Director Heads to Sheffield & DOC NYC Expands For 10th Anniversary – 7/08/19
Monday Memo: Doc Engagement Creating Space for Change, Alamo Drafthouse to Revive Video Store, and New Senses of Cinema – 7/15/19

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