September 2018 — Features, Musings & More

M. Faust –
RIP Gloria Jean – 9/10/18
Screening: Wanda at the North Park – 9/12/18

Adam Lubitow –
Flicks and treats – 9/19/18

Matt Marshall –
Box Office: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Soars Beyond $100M Over Labor Day Weekend – 9/3/18
Box Office: ‘The Nun’ Scares Away ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ From Repeat, Sets ‘Conjuring’ Record – 9/9/18
Box Office: ‘The Predator’ Not Quite a Dominant Force with Okay $24M Opening – 9/17/18
Box Office: ‘The House with a Clock in Its Walls’ Strikes a $27M Win, Other Newcomers Miss – 9/23/18

George Sax –
Golden Boy at the Irish Classical – 9/18/18

Christopher Schobert –
Fall movies: A guide to local festivals, special screenings – 9/26/18
Buffalo’s hottest new start-ups – 9/28/18

Jeff Simon –
RIP, Village Voice: America’s alternative newspaper – 9/5/18
Jim Carrey returns to TV in Showtime’s ‘Kidding’ – 9/6/18
Serena Williams was TV victim of another century’s revenge – 9/10/18
Bob Woodward on tour, selling his ‘trust me’ journalism method – 9/14/18
Brand new kind of fandom for singers in 80s and 90s – 9/19/18
With all that real sound and fury, ‘Murphy Brown’ was just smug nostalgia – 9/30/18

Jordan M. Smith –
Monday Memo: Fall Festival Season Ramps Up, Village Voice Shuts Down – 9/3/18

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