WNY #VirtualCinemas

Many thanks to the studios across the country that have made it possible to view these great films from the comfort of our home during quarantine.

Every rental you make provides your theater of choice a portion of the ticket cost so they may weather the storm of theatrical shutdown and reopen as soon as conditions allow.


Alice | d. Josephine Mackerras

And Then We Danced | d. Levan Akin


Bacurau | d. Juliano Dornelles & Kleber Mendonça Filho

Balloon | d. Michael Herbig

Best of CatVideoFest

Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint | d. Halina Dyrschka

Blackfish | d. Gabriela Cowperthwaite

The Booksellers | d. D.W. Young

Botero | d. Don Millar

Bull | d. Annie Silverstein


Capital in the 21st Century | d. Justin Pemberton

Capone | d. Josh Trank

Caro diario | d. Nanni Moretti

César et Rosalie | d. Claude Sautet

Les choses de la vie | d. Claude Sautet

The Citizen | d. Roland Vranik

Clementine | d. Lara Jean Gallagher

Clover | d. Jon Abrahams

Colonel Redl | d. Istvan Szabo

Confidence | d. Istvan Szabo

Corpus Christi | d. Jan Komasa

Crescendo | d. Dror Zahavi

CRSHD | d. Emily Cohn


Deerskin | d. Quentin Dupieux

Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy | d. Elizabeth Carroll

The Dog Doc | d. Cindy Meehl

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands | d. Bruno Barreto

Dosed | d. Tyler Chandler

Driveways | d. Andrew Ahn


Earth | d. Nikolaus Geyrhalter

  • Dryden Theatre (ended)
  • The Little Theatre (ended)
  • North Park Theatre (ended)

Eating Up Easter | d. Sergio Mata’u Rapu

An Engineer Imagines | d. Marcus Robinson

The Etruscan Smile | d. Oded Binnun & Mihal Brezis

Extra Ordinary | d. Enda Loughman & Mike Ahern


Fang | d. Adam R. Steigert

Fantastic Fungi | d. Louie Schwartzberg

Fourteen | d. Dan Sallitt


The Ghost of Peter Sellers | d. Peter Medak

A Good Woman is Hard to Find | d. Abner Pastoll


Hail Satan? | d. Penny Lane

  • Dipson Theatres (6/5)

Happy Hour | d. Ryusuke Hamaguchi

The Hottest August | d. Brett Story


Inheritance | d.


José | d. Li Cheng

Judy & Punch | d. Mirrah Foulkes


None yet.


Life In Synchro | d. Angela Pinaglia

Life Itself | d. Steve James

L’important c’est d’aimer | d. Andrzej Zulawski

L’Innocente | d. Luchino Visconti

Lucky Grandma | d. Sasie Sealy


The Man Who Mends Women | d. Thierry Michel

Mephisto | d. Istvan Szabo

Military Wives | d. Peter Cattaneo

Miss Juneteenth | d. Channing Godfrey Peoples

  • The Little Theatre (6/19)

Mr. Jones | d. Agnieszka Holland


New French Shorts 2020 | Selected by UniFrance and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy for their Young French Cinema program


On a Magical Night | d. Christophe Honoré

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band | d. Daniel Roher

Other Music | d. Puloma Basu & Rob Hatch-Miller

Our Mothers | d. Cesar Diaz


Pahokee | d. Patrick Bresnan & Ivete Lucas

The Painter and The Thief | d. Benjamin Ree

Porno | d. Keola Racela

  • North Park Theatre (ended)


None yet.


RBG | d. Betsy West & Julie Cohen

The Roads Not Taken | d. Sally Potter

  • Dipson Theatres (ended)
  • The Little Theatre (ended)
  • North Park Theatre (ended)


Saint Frances | d. Alex Thompson

  • The Little Theatre (ended)

Santiago, Italia | d. Nanni Moretti

Shirley | d. Josephine Decker

  • The Little Theatre (6/5)

Slay the Dragon | d. Barak Goodman & Chris Durrance

Someone Somewhere | d. Cédric Klapisch

Sorry We Missed You | d. Ken Loach

Sound! Euphonium the Movie – Our Promise: A Brand New Day (Subtitle) | d. Tatsuya Ishihara

Sound! Euphonium the Movie – Our Promise: A Brand New Day (English Dub) | d. Tatsuya Ishihara

Spaceship Earth | d. Matt Wolf

Straight Up | d. James Sweeney


Thousand Pieces of Gold | d. Nancy Kelly

The Times of Bill Cunningham | d. Mark Bozek

Tommaso | d. Abel Ferrara

  • The Screening Room (6/5)

The Traitor | d. Marco Bellocchio


Up From the Streets | d. Michael Murphy


Vitalina Varela | d. Pedro Costa


What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael | d. Rob Garver

The Whistlers | d. Corneliu Porumboiu

A White, White Day | d. Hlynur Palmason

The Wild Goose Lake | d. Yi’nan Diao

The Wolf House | d. Joaquín Cociña & Cristóbal León

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes | d. Alison Reid

The Wonderland | d. Keiichi Hara


None yet.


None yet.


Zombi Child | d. Bertrand Bonello

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